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From atop Fenway parks right-field grandstand, athletes on skates hurled themselves down a monstrous ice track that dwarfed that other resident monster in left field. Four at a time they raced down the icy track reaching speeds over 80 kph, making hairpin turns, flying off jumps and ultimately sliding past the finish line at home plate.

In such a new sport - a hybrid of hockey, ski cross, speed skating and aptly called "Crashed Ice," given its propensity for hard falls - a blueprint for success does not exist.

This story will explore the race before the race as athletes strive to be more innovative than their competition by adapting their equipment and training methods. A handful of athletes have excelled at this, separating themselves from the pack and collectively dominating the sport. During the battle for the world championship fierce rivalries have developed within this oligopoly - some friendly, some brotherly and others ugly and bitter.

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